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Pixie Challenge Cards


Developed by an early years’ teacher, these cards are great for quick, 5 minute movement breaks during learning sessions or homework. They incorporate:

Gross motor skills: running, hopping, jumping, balancing, walking forwards, walking backwards, tip-toe balancing, deep pressure pushing, clapping, crossing the midline, rolling, star jumps and bilateral integration.

Fine motor skills: using fingers, finger isolation

Language: comprehending and following directions, auditory sequential memory

Numeracy: early number skills – counting to 10, patterning

Note to Parents and Teachers:

These cards are stimulus activities only. You can modify the activities as much as you like. Children particularly enjoy being creative and building on the activities.

For example, instead of just bouncing the ball, they may choose to bounce it twice, clap, then throw it in the air and catch it. This could become a pattern that they repeat 5 times. Be creative and have fun!


ball, tongs, pegs, small stones (if no equipment is available, omit these cards or substitute for what is available to you.)

10% of all sales will be donated to medical research!
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